This is our Annual Fund Appeal for 2016.  If you wish to donate please print two copies and retain one for your tax records.  The Board members, President, staff and volunteers Thank you for your support.

 ___$10.00   ___$25.00   ___$50.00   ___$75.00 ___$100.00

 ___$250.00   ___$500.00   ___$1,000.00   ____OTHER

Checks payable to the Jimmy Stewart Museum.  If paying by Credit card, fill out the portion below.

I understand that my donation is fully tax deductible.

The Jimmy Stewart Museum is a registered 501-C-3 not-for-profit Corporation.


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I acknowledge that the Jimmy Stewart Museum will perform a one-time charge in the amount of $ _____________ as part of my annual pledge.

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The Jimmy Stewart Museum

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