Museum Rental

Why Not Book a Night at the Museum?

We’ll help you arrange a truly memorable experience for your next group event. The Jimmy Stewart Museum offers a unique venue and a flexible space for a corporate function, reception, birthday party, rehearsal dinner, and more! The museum has built-in entertainment that no traditional gathering place can match! We will tailor a package for you, accommodating up to 125 guests.

Your guests can explore the galleries to discover the history of Indiana’s most famous son, whose acclaimed acting career spanned much of America’s film history.

By prior arrangement, your group can:

  • Be greeted by the character “Harvey” from Stewart’s beloved film.
  • Receive a guided tour through the Museum Galleries
  • Watch a Jimmy Stewart movie or biography in our vintage Museum Theater
We will work with you and your caterer to help your event run smoothly. The Museum is a “carry-in/carry-out” site. A staff member will be on-site to assist you and your guests during your event in the Museum, as specified in our guidelines.

To reserve your event date in The Jimmy Stewart Museum, a signed contract and deposit are required. Contact the museum for a list of feature options, museum staff assistance guidelines, and prices.

Museum Features

  • Seven galleries illustrate Jimmy Stewart’s life, his military service, and his distinguished Hollywood career in the movies as well as theater, radio, and television–all in the context of local and national history.
  • The Museum’s 50-seat theater works well for seminars and group discussions, press conferences, PowerPoint presentations, and gatherings. Of course, we can always show your guests a Jimmy Stewart movie or biography.