President’s Blog: August 2016

Timothy F. Harley


We are moving through a rather typical midsummer here in central Pennsylvania. Yard sales, church b-bq’s and festivals and county fairs.  Our first feature for the Matinees for August is an appropriate title for the season: ”The Greatest Show on Earth.”  This very realistic peek behind the big top has James Stewart in an atypical role as the clown.  Charlton Heston and Betty Hutton round out the cast in the real circus thriller.  Of course, it was in many Julys and Augusts not so long ago that one of a handful of surviving small circuses might be setting up on the local softball field and bring the thrill and excitement of the circus to town.  Join us in air conditioned comfort and take this trip to the circus with us !

Yes, mid- central Pennsylvania is gearing up for its annual round of summer events including the Northern Appalachian Folk Festival and the Indiana County Fair coming up soon.  Be sure to check out all the great county activities at:


“Bend in the River” with Julie Adams and Arthur Kennedy will take you to the cool, wilds of 1840’s Oregon and perils of the Oregon Trail.

Our third offering for August is the true and touching story of the man who invented the carbine action for modernizing guns. The story of a strong parent and child relationship in the face of daunting challenges and circumstances.

Closing out the month is what is arguably one of the greatest American western films: “The Naked Spur.”  Stewart, Janet Leigh and Robert Ryan are strong characters in this film about the tough times and uneasy partnerships forged as the American west was populated with new settlers.

So, some great summer entertainment that is included in your admission price to the museum.  Also, currently on display is our new exhibit focusing on the 70th anniversary of the release of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Over the next few weeks, some great new items will be appearing in our gift shop, be sure to stop in (no admission) and see!

As ever,

Thanks for listening,   Tim