Before the children of Jimmy Stewart left home and went off to college, their father gave them a short piece of advice on how to get by in the world. He said, “Always remember, be nice to people.”

The DVD produced by the The James M. Stewart Museum Foundation is a tribute to a man who led by example, not only to become one of the greatest film stars of all time, but also to create a legacy of humanitarianism, courage, friendship, principles and a following that has endured through time.

In telling the story of one of America’s most beloved stars, the James M. Stewart Museum Foundation has set the stage for a more important mission: the creation of a program of “Values Education” projects inspired by Mr. Stewart’s character, which we believe are essential to the future of our country and our world.

This historical documentary, narrated by his daughter, Kelly, is most entertaining and features Jimmy in many of his best loved roles, but its most significant goal is its value as a springboard for lessons learned from a life well lived and the mission to help others find and embrace those values in their own lives.

“Always Remember, Be Nice to People” will sold in the museum store and on-line. Initially, it will be distributed to schools in the Indiana Area School District, eventually it will become the cornerstone of a Values Education Pack available for schools and organizations across the country.


This video DVD contains:

  • A brief history of the life and times of James Maitland Stewart and the important values he held that helped shape his future and his success throughout his life.
  • Video clips from many Stewart favorites including:

“It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,”

“The Spirit of St. Louis,” and “An Anatomy of a Murder.”

  • A rare Stewart singing performance from  “You Can’t Take it With You.

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