Folks, we hope you have heard and seen the news about our upcoming Harvey Award!  This is kind of one of those “two birds for one….”  We will honor with our 2014 Harvey Award a great friend of Jimmy Stewart and an American comedic icon, Carol Burnett; yes, we are honoring Ms. Burnett, but the honor is ours as well!  That Ms. Burnett, who will be in route to a Broadway engagement in “Love Letters”, has consented to stop in Indiana to allow the museum this privilege is truly “The Jackpot.”

The friendship and mutual admiration of these two American greats is truly touching and we are so pleased.  We hope you will consider joining us at the Chestnut Ridge Resort in Blairsville on Friday evening October 3rd for a very special evening.

The museum’s friend and benefactor Rich Little is going to join in the festivities, he and Carol traded appearances on each other’s TV shows years ago!  With the Stewart daughters with us, we truly will have an affair to remember.

August has been a steady month in attendance and among those who visited was Patel Amit, from the University of Kansas.  It was a delight to spend some time with Patel, who is researching for a graduate studies paper on museum to “stars.”  Patel had some great questions and thoroughly enjoyed his visit to the “Jimmy.”

Other guests welcomed to the museum were a delegation from the new “It’s a Wonderful Life” Museum in Seneca Falls, NY.  We had a great visit and see some very exciting opportunities for future collaborations.

Now the other visitor we had, well, in a way I hate to mention it….was a dog in a bag !……not generally the type of guest we welcome to our facility.  The little doggies owners, from down Philly way….well, it was a case of bringing the dog or not be able to make the trip and visit the museum.  The little and perfectly silent Yorkie was snoozing in his shoulder bag for the entire visit.  Folks, we don’t encourage this, but we also don’t want you to miss the “Jimmy” ….should you have concerns like this or something else, please call ahead and let’s see what we can work out.  We aim to please!

Hope to see you at the Harvey Awards!  And don’t forget, we will be honoring a local supporter of the museum at our annual George Bailey Dinner on Saturday 22 November….Friday night is Downtown Indiana’s great “Light-Up Night” event… come and make a memorable weekend in Indiana County!

As Ever,