President’s Blog: February 2016

Friends! Good news from our neighbor, Phil of Punxy: the perennial prognosticator has decreed an early spring! That’s great as many of us are no doubt suffering a bit of cabin fever. So, as all construction projects at the Indiana Community Center Building, our home, are coming to a conclusion, we look forward to welcoming you to the Jimmy Stewart Museum. We anticipate no additional closings or service interruptions and again, we thank the Borough of Indiana for the great upgrades to this facility.

If you not been in to see the very compelling exhibit of Museum friend and supporter, Philadelphia artist, George Rothacker, don’t miss this one! The show is called “The Movies and Music of Hollywood.” These 12 painted panels, 48×24, each look at a classic Hollywood film and the composer, and music that were developed for that film. They are handsome and very interesting canvases that any cinema fan will find quite moving. The exhibit remains at the Museum until May.

Of course, with the New Year upon us we are working on a number of special programs and events for the coming year. Yes, friends— a 2016 Harvey Award is in the works and we hope very soon to share some very exciting news with you on that front.

The community of Indiana has its many traditional events scheduled as well as planning and opening events for the Bi-Centennial of Indiana, a very special year for our town.

So now is the time for you to make some plans. We look forward to welcoming you, You and family and friends, as well as helping you plan a delightful tour for your church, school or social group. To assist both individual and group travelers, we strongly suggest a call to our Indiana County Tourist Bureau ( 724-463-7505). Their knowledge of the county and all its attractions, restaurants and lodgings make arranging your visit here easy and fun. And tell them, “ Tim said to call.”

Please visit our website and our Face Book page for more facts about your visit and great information about our Hometown Hero, Jimmy Stewart.

As ever, thanks for listening,