2015 January Executive Director’s Blog

Well, my friends- perhaps in the last few days, you have crooned the lyrics of the traditional New Year’s tune of “Auld Lang Syne”…. the immortal Scottish ballad that asks the question…should old acquaintance be forgot and never thought upon…?  Well, we at the “Jimmy” are here to answer that question with regards to our favorite and cherished old acquaintance, James M. Stewart.  Absolutely not!  Our mission, to utilize for the benefit of all, and enlarge upon the life history and career of Indiana, Pennsylvania’s native son, will, through our efforts and your support, continue to entertain and more importantly, inspire current and future generations, as it has in the past.

Making the solid, traditional and enduring values that Stewart embodies, appealing and relevant in contemporary society may be no easy task, but it is one we approach with great sincerity and sense of purpose. To have, in Stewart, not only an international film icon, but a regular good guy, unsullied by great success and fame is a gift that continues to offer and give the important lessons that we see eroding from our society.

Folks, all of us here at the Jimmy, staff, board and our treasured volunteers invite you to join with us in whatever way possible to ensure the long term future of this meaningful mission: visit us!, talk about Stewart and the museum to your friends, use our gift shop for some very special gifts, support us financially when you can….and help us ensure that our old acquaintance never be forgotten.

January’s fun fact: January 12th is the 75th Anniversary of the release of “The Shop Around the Corner”

As ever, thanks for listening…and hope to see you here soon!