Presidents Blog- July 2016

Timothy F. Harley

As so many of us are apt to say “Can it be July already?” Well, folks some warm and typical early summer weather has descended on the county and our beautiful air conditioned museum is awaiting your arrival!  Fans and admirers of Mr. Stewart have been stopping by to experience this singular tribute to the international film icon, here in his museum.


Before I speak a bit about the great films in our July line-up, I want to mention some of the comments and home locations that our wonderful fans travel from to be with us:

David L. of Minneapolis says “Well worth the trip”…. And R. and S. of England, UK were  simple and perhaps very English in their comment: “EXCELLENT!”…..E.P. from just down the road in Shelocta likes the changes in the museum…..C. and D. of Greensboro N. C. say “ love Jimmy Stewart, very well done”…..Linda R. of Philadelphia states “ Awesome- great place” —- E.S. of New York City writes: “just lovely” …. Our guest book is so touching; it’s worth the trip just to read it!  All the above comments were made here in the museum in the last month.  Other guests in the last month arrived from destinations near and far: Mesa, AZ; Sweden; Mercer, PA., Orlando FL.; Howard, Ohio and Naugatuck, Ct. —— Dear Friends of James Stewart…. Thank you for your devotion to our hero and thank you for making the trek to our little part of the world, we are deeply appreciative.


Two great Stewart westerns start the July line-up with the 1950 production of “Winchester ’73.”  Another 1950 production “Broken Arrow” follows.  “The Jackpot” also produced in 1950 takes us from the old west to the zany antics that ensue when Jimmy’s character wins a game show!  We close our July with a perennial favorite, Elwood Dowd and an exceptional supporting cast joins Mr. Stewart in Harvey, also released in 1950.  Closing out the month, the 1951 production of “No Highway in the Sky.”  These films present a range of roles for Stewart, which, in his style he assumes with believability and sincerity.


Folks, here’s an exciting “heads-up” within a week or two the museum will launch a totally new web site that will not disappoint. We will keep you posted for our “GO LIVE” date.

See you at the museum—Thanks for listening—As ever- Tim