Well, friends, as we are apt to say around this time of year “where’s the summer going?”  Yes, it’s hard to believe that the 4th has come and passed and we are moving through the month of July!  It remains a rather stormy season here in Central Pennsylvania, which, as I have noted in a previous blog has made the Indiana County countryside a field of greens.  It makes for a beautiful setting to visit our little field of dreams: The “Jimmy” ….. Our great tribute to James Stewart is a field of dreams set in the county’s fields of greens: the real and actual dreams and life of James Maitland Stewart, and the cinematic dreams that the Golden Age of Cinema and James Stewart brought to us.

Now while we are on the subject of “greens” our Indiana County is famous for some other greens. Indiana County prides itself on being the Christmas Tree Capital!  Yes, greens abound around the county and a trip to one of our Christmas Tree Farms can be part of your visit anytime, with special offerings in the late fall during the harvest.  The Indiana County Christmas Tree Growers Association, at my request, provided a selection of their products which are planted as an entrance way into the museum.  These trees where about a foot high when the association planted them, now, they are handsome six foot trees, just like the ones you can purchase here and take home at Christmas.

If I have not mentioned it, our little field of dreams is available for your private function.  The museum offers a great rental program and you can work with our very competent caterer or your own to plan a very special private event, after hours, here in the museum.  Now, just the week-end of July 12th the “Jimmy” was the setting for a private, surprise 50th birthday party for a local notable.  Your favorite Stewart film on the big screen and your favorite goodies and beverages for all your friends, and the museum to explore at your leisure! —- that sounds like an affair to remember.  Now, as well keep in mind, parties are not the only function we can accommodate.  With our 50 seat theater and our new projection system (power-point ready) we are equally equipped to handle meetings, press conferences and presentations.

Folks, we have been working “behind the scenes” to bring you another great George Bailey Award Dinner on Saturday November 22nd, when we will again honor a local supporter of our efforts.  That is of course “Light-Up Night” week-end with many other great events planned for the community.  It is also my hope by the time of my next blog, to announce a 2014 Harvey Award winner and a date for that very special event.  This event, in particular, when we like to bring a high profile personality to Indiana is a challenging production.  Originally intended to honor those who worked with Stewart and embodied him mentally, the passage of time has changed in reality but not in spirit the nature of this award.  I hope to be able to share some additional information about both events with you all in the very near future.

Until then, I am hoping to see you at the “Jimmy!”