President’s Blog: March 2016


Dear Friends and Partners of the Jimmy Stewart Museum…. The community of Indiana Pennsylvania and the birthplace of our hometown hero, Jimmy Stewart is about to celebrate! This year, our community celebrates its Bicentennial!  Many diligent volunteers have been hard at work to create a series of year long events and activities in celebration of this notable anniversary. Thursday evening March 3rd marks the kick-off of festivities with a Bicentennial Dinner at Indiana’s KCAC. Among the events and greetings set for the evening will be the sharing of a congratulatory message from the children of James Stewart. Jimmy Stewart’s family traces its presence and participation in the Indiana community at least as early as 1772 when Mr. Stewart’s 4th great-grandfather, Fergus Moorhead arrived here, in what has become Indiana.  James Stewart made frequent references to his home town and the strong and positive influences it had on him growing up here. The Stewart Hardware, “The Big Warehouse” was a staple of the town for over 100 years and a center for gathering and sharing the news about the town. Yes, like all of small town America, many things have changed in Indiana, PA. , but what has not changed is the spirit that small town America embodies. The same spirit that James Stewart learned here as a young man and carried with him throughout his life: the spirit of hard work, love and service to community and country and the ability to discern and do the right thing.

Join us in celebrating the Bicentennial of Indiana and the continuing legacy of Indiana’s own: Jimmy Stewart

A detailed description of the community’s Bicentennial events can be found at  and also on the Indiana County Tourist Bureau site at

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