MARCH at the Museum: President’s blog

Timothy F. Harley

What has been a bit of a roller-coaster winter seems to be edging us comfortably toward the beginning of spring on the 19th.  Visitation at the museum has reflected our rather changeable weather in the last few weeks, and we are beginning to see a bit more daily visitation as the weather warms.

Our new  “Always Remember: Be Nice to People” DVD featuring the narration of Kelly Stewart Harcourt in a moving and timely tribute to her father and the values he held, is now available at our on-line store as well as in the museum gift shop.  These make a perfect introduction to the man Stewart and offer meaningful life lessons from the person and his roles.

A great range of new T-shirts and other gift items also support the message of the Stewart quote…..  “Always remember: Be Nice to People”

We will join in the Downtown Indiana St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with a special showing of “An American Tale: Fievel Goes West ” on Saturday 11 March at 12 noon in the museum theatre; free to children and accompanying adults.  Of course, the movie starts right after the St. Patrick’s Day parade, where as usual, Harvey will join long-time museum friend Jim Wakefield for a ride down Philadelphia Street.

We continue to work closely with both Downtown Indiana and the Indiana County Tourist Bureau on ways to bring more, new and returning visitors to our beautiful county seat.  Down the way, at the east end of Philadelphia Street the new home of the Indiana Fire Association is nearing completion.  This is indeed, a very handsome addition to the Indiana streetscape!  I am sure Jim and his dad, Alex Stewart—(both early members of the Indiana Fire Association) would agree.

There is just no getting around the fact: Indiana and Indiana County is a great destination!  Our museum is just part of a vibrant community with many varied options for a great visit!  A quick look at our Guest Book always tells a little story I like to share, Let’s see what the last few weeks has brought:  Jonathan of Guelph, Ontario says “ So glad I came! “  Kelly of Pittsburgh: “Love him-Love this place!; Tabitha of Williamsburg, Va. Stopped in after her visit to see our neighbor, Phil.  Linda of Lake Orion, Michigan says “wonderful.”   Mary, of Eighty-Four, Pa. “loved it”—— so, as you can see, our guests come from near and far, and we appreciate how much they enjoy our presentation!  So…. I am looking forward to seeing you here….. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for listening,

As ever,