President’s Blog: October 2015

Folks, fall is upon us here in west-central Pennsylvania and change is in the air. The leaves are beginning to change and that is always a good reason to get out to Indiana County and take in a great drive on your way to the Jimmy Stewart Museum in beautiful downtown Indiana.

Now, by the way, friends, our downtown is in the process of implementing a beautiful new streetscape, so things may look a bit like a construction zone on Philadelphia Street and some surrounding areas, but don’t be deterred, the museum is open, unless the situation demands a temporary closing which will be announced on both our website and our Face Book pages.

The borough of Indiana is to be congratulated for all that it does to keep our community attractive and up to date. Of course, the “Jimmy” is housed in the Indiana Community Center Building at the corner of 9th and Philadelphia Streets. Through the efforts of borough and state officials, this fine old building is about to receive some important upgrades including new handicapped accessible restrooms. So, we do expect some construction, not only outside our building, but inside as well. We are so please to see these improvements and we will keep you posted on anything that might affect your visit to the “Jimmy.”

It’s a great time to travel to Indiana County and to visit the Jimmy Stewart Museum and all the other great attractions the county has to offer. Always check in with the Indiana County Tourist Bureau And call the museum should you have any concerns about any of our construction issues.

Hoping to see you here soon!

Thanks for listening.