President’s Blog: September 2015

“A Night to Remember”

The 2015 Harvey Award presentation to Jim Caviezel

Folks, some of you may recall Roy Ward Baker’s 1958 production: “A Night to Remember.” This is the story of something great: The loss of something great, RMS Titanic.

Quite the contrary to the loss of something great, 200 friends and supporters of the Jimmy Stewart Museum experienced, most assuredly A Night to Remember last Saturday evening, in the continued resurgence of something great: the cinematic legacy and the personal legacy of an international film and acting great: James Stewart.

This legacy becomes ever more buoyant, when through the generosity of time and spirit, People like Jim Caviezel lend their fame and influence in support of the cause we hold dear: As we proudly guard and promote Stewart’s incomparable filmography, that has moved and will continue to move people across the globe; while, simultaneously, utilizing both the roles and the persona of James Stewart to serve as tools in the much needed character and ethical development of, yes, primarily our youth—so in need of such support; but anyone who has civility and humanity at heart.

Jim Caviezel is such a man. A man of values, clear of purpose and cognizant of the ever increasing need to set the standards high and to tell each person that doing the right thing in any case may indeed take courage, to stand apart——but it is a courage that we all possess.

These testaments come not only from folks like Jim Caviezel, but I was also privileged to share an email from Steve Murtaugh, a retired police officer from Cambridgeshire, UK.

Steve allowed me to share from an email he had sent to the museum, in hopes of expressing his gratitude to James Stewart’s family. Steve told us of the challenges of his youth and how Stewart, in his roles, was there as calm and reassuring figure that helped shape a positive future for him.

So, my friends, my sincere thanks to Jim and Steve for sharing with us, what we know to be the great value in the legacy of the actor and humanitarian, James Stewart. And to our dear friend, Judy Stewart, daughter of James and Gloria Stewart, for her continued willingness to be with us and the touching remarks she shared with us.

And, my sincere and very special thanks to Tim Vanderburg, our fantastic Face Book volunteer, who takes our message and makes it fun and interesting and travel across our globe.

My thanks to all who joined us in the very special night to remember and lent their presence and their means to see the important work of this foundation continue long into the future.

As ever, dear friends,

Thank so much for listening—