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“Stewart and the Golden Age of Radio”

Official Unveiling Announcement

The James M. Stewart Museum of Indiana Pennsylvania is proud to announce the debut opening of the latest museum exhibition “Stewart and the Golden Age of Radio.”  The new installation will be placed in the 1950’s galleries of the Museum.  The exhibit will replace the current “70th Anniversary: It’s A Wonderful Life’ Gallery.”  This exhibition will cover James Maitland Stewart’s career in commercial broadcasting throughout the 20th century.  Fundamentally, this exhibit also works to educate museum visitors on the important legacy of radio format, and its role in American entertainment.

The exhibit incorporates factual knowledge from Stewart’s radio appearances in programs such as Lux Radio Theater, The Silver Screen Theater, and The Screen Guild Theater, along with noting general information on radio programs such as The Bob Hope Show, Philco-Chesterfield Radio Time, and The Chase and Sanborn Hour.  The chief takeaway of this exhibition will be the installation of five mp3 players equipped with audio-headphones.  Museum visitors will have the option to listen to different categories of radio recordings such as film adaptations, film adaptation ads, public service announcements, guest appearances, and the full Six Shooter series.  Additionally, this exhibit will feature several notable original photos and written materials taken from The James M. Stewart Museum’s archival holdings.  Many of these artifacts were donated by museum patrons, Charles and Erna Reinhart, authors of the 2012 publication Jimmy on Air.