Winter 2017



“We love Jimmy, what a great American”   “A magnificent display! We did not know about Stewart’s war role..what a wonderful person” “Brought us to tears, we are so proud of our Jimmy”  “Inspiring”  “Wonderful memorial to a special man”  “ Wow ! great memories of a great role model”…..These are some entries gathered ( from all 50 states and many other countries ) from our 2017 Guest Book.  These comments validate our efforts and invite your support….

In a year of some unprecedented natural disasters, we have all had to confront many issues and needs.

Friends of the Legacy of James Stewart…….

We, here at the “Jimmy” also know contemporary society can leave us with many issues and needs. In our simple way, through the legacy of James Stewart, we work to instill a renewed sense of goodness and social responsibility by our tribute and exploration of the life of the international film star, two-time Oscar winner and Bomber Pilot of World War ll.

Open for over 22 years while other tributes to stars and notables’ great and small have closed. We know that the very simple reason for our continued operation is this: the admirable and accessible life of Jimmy Stewart, the star in his roles and the man throughout his life.

Indeed, we are our county’s premier tourist attraction, and we are so pleased that we can support the region in this way, but our reason to exist is to share the great story of a good guy who can inspire us all to be the best we can be.

In order for us to continue this meaningful effort, we look to you and your support to aid us in maintaining this exploration and tribute. Won’t you please join us in sharing this Wonderful Legacy with your contribution at this time?

Thank you,




Timothy F. Harley, President of the Foundation